Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor - TICKET GIVEAWAY!

If my review of the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Halloween event has properly whetted your appetite for screams by the sea, then good - I've done my job! But don't worry, I won't leave you high and dry...you can enter to win FREE TICKETS to the Dark Harbor, and all you have to do is bust out your best Dorothy Parker and come up with a witty caption to the above photo. Tweet your funniest one-liners to @TheQueenMary on Twitter - and don't forget to include a link to this blog post so they know where you're coming from! (Hint: Use bit.ly to shorten URLs.)

Here's a step by step of how to enter to win your FREE tickets to the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor:
  1. Come up with a funny caption for the above photo.
  2. Post it on your Twitter account. The beginning of your Tweet should say @TheQueenMary.
  3. Include a link to this blog post. (Use bit.ly so the URL doesn't take up too much space.)
EXAMPLE: "@TheQueenMary This cruise wasn't as relaxing as we thought it would be! http://bit.ly/bbrntV" (Okay, okay, not terribly witty...but you get the idea. And make sure your URL points to this specific post!)

Got it? Go! Your submissions must be sent in by 5 PM on Thursday, October 7th. Good luck!

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