Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HAUNT UPDATES: La Llorona at Universal & More

Another exciting update about Universal's Halloween Horror Nights: The legend of La Llorona will be coming to life at HHN this year! From the official press release:
According to the legend, a beautiful Mexican woman fell in love and married the most handsome man in the village. She bore two beautiful children, but her husband soon fell in love with another woman. Blinded by jealousy, the woman ran with her children to a river, where her faithless husband was courting his new love. Enraged, she threw her children into the river, where the current carried them away. When she realized what she had done, she threw herself into the river as well.

But the woman did not leave this Earth. Late at night, in the deep woods, or by a small creek, children can hear her weeping, searching in vain for her lost children. “La Llorona,(“the crying woman”) they call her, for she frequently wails “My children, where are my children?” Her frail, drenched body is a chilling sight; any child wandering alone is sure to be snatched as her newest victim.

At the 2010 Halloween Horror Nights event, La Llorona will stalk guests as they make their way through the Universal back lot as part of the all-new “Terror Tram” experience and she’ll also terrorize her own “Scare Zone,” hiding within the shadows of a gauntlet haunted by the ghosts of her dead victims.

The L.A. Haunted Hayride website has also gone live for 2010, with plenty of updates, including ticket information, creepy backstory and the exciting news that the accompanying Haunted Haymaze will be more along the lines of a Knott's/Universal fright maze this year, as opposed to last year when it was just...bales of hay. (Psst: I wrote the review for CreepyLA that the LAHH links to in their press section!)

And, finally, I love yard haunts (a.k.a. private haunts and/or house haunts), and the Valley has some great ones. So why have I never heard of Burbank's Rotten Apple 907 before!? This year's theme is "Nightmare Museum" - sounds promising, to say the least. What are your favorite house haunts in the L.A. area? If there are any more I should know about, do tell!

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