Friday, August 13, 2010

THIS WEEKEND: Zombies & Chainsaw Massacres at the Aero

There are some great double features coming up at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica and the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, courtesy of American Cinematheque's "Zombies, Chainsaw Massacres & Other Forms of Terror" series. It kicks off this Saturday, August 14 at the Aero, where they're screening a Tobe Hooper double feature of The Funhouse and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, featuring a Q&A with Hooper (moderated by Mick Garris) in between the films. Quick, someone go and ask him if he actually directed Poltergeist! I'm sure he never gets tired of that one.

And don't forget about "Drop Undead: Zombie Weekend," three days of arm-battling, eye-gouging, shark-wrestling fun:
  • Peter Jackson's Dead Alive and Cemetery Man on Friday, August 20 at the Egyptian
  • Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness on Saturday, August 21 at the Aero
  • Night of the Living Dead and Lucio Fulci's Zombie on Sunday, August 22 at the Egyptian

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