Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Better Late Than Never: Halloween Nailpolish

So yeah, I missed the train when it comes to timely Halloween posts, but since I effectively lost 2+ weeks of my life, I'm giving myself a little leeway when it comes to late-October goodies. One topic I was meaning to post about before my appendix tried to kill me is Halloween nailpolish.

Little-known fact: I have a weird obsession with nailpolish. My nails aren't particularly long (I play bass, after all) and I don't really care about my cuticles or whatever, but dude...I love crazy nailpolish. I will drive all over town looking for a specific color - like, that kind of crazy. So of course I was super stoked on all of the cool Halloweenie polish that came out this year.

First, we have Del Sol's amazing Color-Changing Nail Polish in Trick-or-Treat. This polish is a super glittery pale orange indoors, but when you go outside and expose it to the sun's UV rays, it morphs into a super glittery dark purple (almost black). The change is dramatic and mesmerizing.
Trick-or-Treat indoors (light orange)

Trick-or-Treat outdoors (blackened purple)

These pictures don't really do it justice, but you can get a good idea of how magically amazing it is to watch your nail polish change colors before your very eyes. I got my bottle at Walgreen's for like $6, but they may have already taken them off the shelves. (If so, I'm sure you can order online.)
China Glaze offered 3 new colors for Halloween this year, as part of their Awakening (as in, from the dead) collection. From left to right: Mummy May I is a chunky purple glitter in a blackened purple base; Zombie Zest is a fine greenish gold glitter in a murky green base and Ick-A-Body is a stunning orange glitter in a blackened green base. I absolutely love Zombie Zest and Ick-A-Body - they're outrageously Halloweenie and easily have the best names of any nail polishes ever.
Finally, OPI offered four mini bottles of Halloween-appropriate shades with their Go Goth! gift set. The set includes Unripened (black with green glitter), Nevermore (black with blue/purple glitter), Sanguine (shimmering blood red) and Obscurity (matte black).

Anyone else grab any limited edition Halloween beauty items this year?


laceyinthesky said...

Love reading your blog! Looking forward to future posts. :)

spooky little girl said...

Thanks! More posts are forthcoming.... xo SLG


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