Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Self-Promotion: Tricks and Treats for All Hallows Eve

Because you have the most Halloween spirit, because you kept the vigil in the most sincere pumpkin patch you could find, I present you with a trio of Halloween tricks and/or treats!

Download "Don't Trick Me, Treat Me Babe," an excellent Halloween compilation from music blog Sincerely, California - 16 tracks of Halloweenie goodness for free! I listened to the whole thing earlier tonight and it's awesome, and I truly am not just saying that because my band is one of the contributors.

...and speaking of compilations that my band contributed to, listen to our Misfits-inspired version of "The Sword of Damocles" on this goth-tinged tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show called (natch) The Gothy Horror Picture Show. Put together by Jack over at Darkest Radio, mp3 versions of all 12 tracks (plus a bonus song) can be yours today for just $10 (in honor of Halloween - normally priced at 13 bones), with a CD version coming soon.

Finally, listen live to Magic Monster Radio tomorrow night from 9-10pm PST. My husband/bandmate, Mr. Spooky, and I will be sharing ghost stories and celebrating our favorite night of the year live on the air. Listen on the website or on iTunes in the Alt Rock category.


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