Friday, July 31, 2009

Check Out Spooky Weddings Week

A friend of mine maintains a wedding blog, and this week has been Spooky Weddings Week! So far she's covered (among other things) the nuptials of Robert Smith of the Cure, Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson (Spooky Little Girl does NOT endorse MM, but their wedding was very cool) and Bela Lugosi. Normally, I don't get particularly excited about weddings, but spooky and/or slightly macabre weddings are a huge exception. If/when I tie the knot, I have grand fantasies about doing it here, at the Hammond Castle in Massachusetts:It's so gorgeous and eerie. (In fact, if possible, I would like to live at the Hammond Castle. Can that be arranged? Thx.) Did you have a spooky wedding? Have you ever been to one? Do you hope to have one someday? Tell me about it!


Kendra said...

That place looks amazing!

Hollywood Gothique said...

I've never been to a spooky wedding, but someone has asked me to take their wedding party on a tour of amateur yard haunts this Halloween.

spooky little girl said...

Kendra - yes!! I love it

HG, that sounds like so much fun! There are some truly amazing yard haunts in L.A. By the way, I love your site!

FriendofSpooky said...

your wedding sounds like fun! you should definitely have it at night. i wish someone would have a spooky wedding and invite me!

i don't like marilyn manson either, but damn, that was an awesome wedding.

spooky little girl said...

Friend, if I ever have that spooky wedding, you'll definitely be there!!!


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