Friday, July 24, 2009

TV Tonight: Ghost Adventures

Your recommended, Spooky Little Girl-approved viewing for this evening is an all-new episode of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. Tonight, Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to England to visit the Ancient Ram Inn. Here's the episode description:
In the small town of Wotton Under Edge on England's western shore sits an ancient house with a dark history. Built around 1145, this former priest's residence, inn and public house is the oldest building in town, and its current owner thinks it may be the most haunted home in all of Great Britain.

The episode airs at 9 PM.* Be sure to tune in, since this is the last new episode of Ghost Adventures until October - including a 7-hour live televised event! (On Halloween, perhaps??) Info and photo courtesy of Nick Groff's MySpace profile.

Spooky Films on TV Tonight:

  • Dracula (1979), starring Donald Pleasence and Frank Langella as the Count [12:15 AM on AMC]
  • The Innocents (1961), starring Deborah Kerr in the tale of "a young governess for two children...convinced that the house and grounds are haunted" [2:45 AM on AMC]
  • The Unholy Three (1930), Lon Chaney's only talkie in which he stars as a crooked sideshow performer [12:15 AM on TCM]
  • Freaks (1932), Tod Browning's tale of circus romance, betrayal and revenge, and "The Most Reviled Film of Its Time" [1:30 AM on TCM]
*All times given are PST; check your local listings for more info


FriendofSpooky said...

Yay, Freaks! I love that movie. Well, it kind of makes me sad, but I still love it.

I've never seen the Unholy Three. I will definitely check that out.

Thanks for the recs! Have a spooky weekend, my spooky friend.

FriendofSpooky said...

Me again! Thanks again for the movie recommendations. I had never even heard of The Unholy Three and I really enjoyed it!

Rick said...

7 hour live Ghost Adventure!!!

spooky little girl said...

FriendofSpooky, so glad you liked it! It was also a particularly entertaining episode of Ghost Adventures!

Rick, I KNOW! I'm so excited!!


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