Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gift Idea: Spooky Soaps

Looking for a great gift idea? Allow me to recommend these spooky soaps from Villainess...

Arsenic & Old Lace
Smells Like: "Sweet black cherry tarts with warm, clinging honeymusk and a soft wisp of old-fashioned perfume - roses, honeysuckle, gardenia and chamomile."

Smells Like: "The cloying sweetness of a covetous lust for misspent youth, offset by a geriatric touch of rose and carnation, and underscored by a malevolent insinuation of sandalwood."

And, of course, Blood
Smells Like: "A full-bodied spiced Merlot grounded in dry fig and inspired by a ripe bouquet of berries. "

There are others, of course, with similarly awesome names, but these are my favorites. (Based on names, product descriptions and packaging, mind you - I haven't actually smelled any of these yet, although I have sampled other soaps from this company.) Bonus: They are surprisingly inexpensive! I think these would make lovely hostess gifts throughout the entire month of October...or any time, really, as long as you have the right hostess!

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