Friday, August 28, 2009

THIS WEEKEND: Greystone Mansion Tour & Werewolves in the Cemetery

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to report that the following event is already sold out, so I hope that you already have your tickets! (I don't. I suck!) This gathering will also be a GHOULA meetup, so wear your pins (if you have 'em) and keep an eye out.

Friday Night Fright Night
at Greystone Mansion (Beverly Hills)

From the Beverly Hills website:
Join the Greystone Park Rangers around an old-fashioned campfire and indulge in gooey smores and spooky stories at the historic Greystone Estate. A tour of the deserted old mansion will follow the campfires.

Fridays, July 31 and Aug. 28
$15 per person

Not recommended for children under 10 years old. Ten to 16-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult.
In case you're unaware, the Greystone Mansion was the site of a controversial murder-suicide back in the 1920's, and is purportedly haunted as a result. Read more about it on the GHOULA website.

Then, on Saturday, we have a classic werewolf film at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery...
An American Werewolf in London (1979)

From the Cinespia website:

directed by John Landis (1979 130 mins)

gates 7:00 pm movie 8:30 pm
no reservation necessary
$10 donation tickets available at gate
as a courtesy to other moviegoers: NO TALL CHAIRS!!

Two American backpackers are attacked by a mysterious creature on the moors, and when one begins to show signs of lycanthropy, he starts to believe the local superstitions might be true...Terrifying, but with a sharp sense of humor, John Landis (Animal House) directs this beloved cult favorite with a fine balance of horror and comedy. Oscar winning special effects make it a full blooded horror film, but the eerie dark countryside, terrifying creature, and walking dead are balanced with the hilarious banter of the main characters. Truly genius!

dj dave orlando spins before and after the screening
Hollywood Forever Cemetery is at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd., near the intersection of Santa Monica and Gower.

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