Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quoth The Raven...

I just won tickets to a special screening of The Raven tomorrow night! (Thank you, Dread Central.) What am I in for? Well...
John Cusack and Alice Eve host a spooky night at the Masonic Lodge of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in honor of their upcoming film "The Raven." The night will feature a performance by Tony award winning poet Lemon Andersen, a seance to conjure the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe, and a screening of the film itself.
Luckily, rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. Poe in a cemetery on a stormy night? Be still, my black heart!


Real Queen of Horror said...

How awesome of you winning! What did you think of it?

spooky little girl said...

Seeing a movie in a mausoleum on a rainy night was amazing. And there was free food and booze!

But the "seance to conjure the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe" turned out to be one of those psychics who's like, "I sense someone in the room once knew a woman with brown hair! Her name began with an M...or an N...or possibly an L...maybe an S..." So that was sort of insufferable.

Also, The Raven was...not great. The screenplay was pretty cheesy and John Cusack's portrayal of Poe did not mesh with my own vision of the man. So it was sort of a mixed bag, but I really did have a great time overall. The best part was walking back to the car in the dark, weaving our way amongst the headstones as rain tickled our cheeks... xo SLG


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