Monday, September 28, 2009

Dexter: Season 4

With all of the Knott's Scary Farm-related excitement going on last night (review to follow shortly), I completely forgot to blog about the season premiere of Dexter, despite the fact that it's one of my favorite shows!

The Showtime series follows the eminently talented Michael C. Hall as serial killer-turned-vigilante (of sorts) Dexter Morgan. See, his adoptive father recognized his diabolical leanings early on and instilled in Dexter "the Code" - how to kill, who to kill, and how to avoid getting caught. That means that Dexter only kills bad guys, making him a rather lovable, if deeply disturbed, protagonist.

This season finds Dexter newly married, with a brand new baby to distract him from doling out deliciously brutal justice to Miami's criminal element. John Lithgow, unafraid to bare his ass for the camera, plays a murderous new rival for Dexter to obsess over/bond with/eventually kill. (Am I right?! Let's be honest here.) Can Dexter really "have it all," or will his Dark Passenger interfere with familial bliss?

The acting on this show is always first rate, and while sometimes the plot machinations can feel forced or contrived, I still look forward to sitting down with Dexter every Sunday. Lithgow's Trinity Killer should be an intriguing addition to the cast; I only hope that this season follows a slightly different arc than the previous three.

Check it out on Sundays at 9 PM, or OnDemand.


Madame Magnet said...

"I only hope that this season follows a slightly different arc than the previous three"

Me too! When we watched the season opener I was thinking "I hope they don't form an uneasy friendship only for Dexter to have to murder him" because we've all seen that several times now. I'm hoping that JL's character ends up being a long-term thing. I think it would be cool for Dexter to have a homocidal penpal/mentor in future seasons.


spooky little girl said...

That would be really interesting, but I doubt they'll have the courage to make him that morally ambivalent! For a serial killer, Dexter is an awfully nice guy.



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