Thursday, September 3, 2009

TONIGHT: Ghostly Double Feature at the Aero Theatre

I love ghosts. In fact, haunted house movies are probably my #1 favorite horror subgenre. So if I wasn't playing a show tonight, I would be at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica for this Double Feature, part of their Apparitions, Hauntings & Supernatural Sightings series:
First up is POLTERGEIST (1982), the Spielberg-produced, Tobe Hooper-directed tale of a malevolent entity that essentially kidnaps a little girl. This is one of those scary movies that I grew up watching, and I love it. There are some eerie moments (little boy is assaulted by his clown doll, omg!) and some disgusting ones (two words: bathroom sink), but what I like the most is that the suburban southern California setting reminds me of where I grew up to a T.
THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (1973) is up next. Based on a novel by Richard Matheson, this movie is an enjoyable riff on a familiar theme: Paranormal researchers find themselves in a genuinely haunted house. I prefer The Haunting (1963 version, of course), but this one is good as well. Bonus points for being made in the '70s. Horror films from that era always have a great look about them - I can only describe it as "deliciously unwholesome."

The screening starts at 7:30 PM tonight, September 3rd. The Aero Theatre is at 1328 Montana Ave. (at 14th Street) in Santa Monica, CA.

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